7.14. Cash Out T&Cs

  1. The Cash Out option gives you the opportunity to settle a bet at the displayed value, before the market is closed. All winnings that come from the use of the Cash Out functionality will be automatically credited to the player's account as funds that can be withdrawn.
  2. Only selected types of bets are eligible for the Cash Out option.
  3. Bets generated from ‘Free Bet’ offers or bets that form part of other promotions or special offers, are not eligible for Cash Out.
  4. The Cash Out option may not be available for some selections.
  5. The Cash Out option is not available at all times; the option is not guaranteed.
  6. You will be eligible to participate in the offer when the Cash Out value is displayed in addition to the ‘Bet Potential Return Value’ in the ‘Open Bets’ tab. (The Cash Out Value will be shown in a yellow box beneath the Bet Potential Return Value).
  7. Availability of Cash Out is also indicated in the bets history. You can check the actual Cash Out value for an eligible bet by reviewing the bet details within the ‘Open Bets’ tab on your Marathonbet account.
  8. The Cash Out option may be delayed due to price fluctuations.
  9. Marathonbet reserves the right to amend, suspend or remove Cash Out availability, before acceptance of an eligible bet for Cash Out, at any time on any market for any customer.
  10. Marathonbet will not be held responsible for imagery, messaging or social media content after the offer has been withdrawn or expired.
  11. In the event of a ‘Cash Out Value’ pricing error, Marathonbet will void the ‘Cash Out Offer’ whilst immediately informing the customer. The original bet will be settled in accordance with the Marathonbet ‘Betting Rules’ set out within the General Terms and Conditions.
  12. Marathonbet will not be held responsible if the Cash Out option is not available due to technical issues, as well as other issues that prevent Cash Out being made.
  13. The Auto Cash Out option allows you to set thresholds, which if reached will trigger Cash Out.
  14. The Auto Cash Out option is available for bets with the Cash Out option.
  15. Activation of the Auto Cash Out option in the ‘Open Bets’ tab is made by the ‘gearwheel’ button, which must be displayed next to the Cash Out button.
  16. In the value field you can set the highest threshold, lowest threshold, or both thresholds at the same time. Once thresholds are applied, the ‘gearwheel’ button will change its colour to yellow.
  17. Once one of the set thresholds is reached, it will trigger Cash Out.
  18. The Partial Cash Out function allows you to withdraw part of the Cash Out amount.
  19. The Partial Cash Out function is only available for bets where the Cash Out function is available.
  20. The Partial Cash Out function can be activated in the ‘Open Bets’ tab, by clicking on the ‘gearwheel’ button, which will be displayed next to the Cash Out button.
  21. Once the Partial Cash Out has been confirmed, the indicated Cash Out amount is paid out for the existing bet, and a new bet is placed with the remaining stake. The price for the new bet will remain unchanged.

Last Modified Date: 06/12/2019