7.9. Forecasts

  1. Forecasts are accepted in horse and greyhound races of 3 or more runners. In certain other sports a fixed odds price might be offered on a specific finishing order.
  2. In horse races, bets are settled as straight forecasts in accordance with the Computerised Starting Price forecast returns.
  3. In greyhound races all forecasts for BAGS/BEGS meetings are settled as computer straight forecasts.
  4. Unnamed favourites or 2nd favourites are not accepted in forecast bets.
  5. If a race is reduced to only two runners all forecast bets will be settled as a win single on the selection nominated to finish first.
  6. Should a selection become a non-runner in a forecast, the bet will be void. In reversed or combination bets each forecast is treated separately. In 'with the field' or 'the field with' bets if the selection nominated with or against the field is a non-runner, the bet will be void.

Last Modified Date: 20/11/2013