7.1. Placing A Bet

  1. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are familiar with these rules or the terms of a particular bet and the registering of details with Marathonbet and accepting the Terms & Conditions will be deemed as acceptance of these rules.
  2. Your bet is accepted the moment it is recorded on our system in accordance with the conditions described in these rules. On pressing 'Place Bet', a message will appear stating 'Thank you for placing your bet', this indicates the bet has been accepted. If this message does not appear, you can confirm the status of your bet by checking the bet history or by contacting Customer Support. If after pressing 'place bet' the odds increase from those displayed in your browser, then the greater odds will be accepted without any additional messages.

    We provide one-click betting option for your convenience; however we cannot accept any liability for any losses incurred as a result of any deliberate or accidental use of this feature. If you lose connection with the website during the placement of a bet you should contact Customer Support to check whether your bet was placed or not. Once connection is re-established you can check your bet history to see what bets were placed prior to the connection loss.
  3. Notwithstanding that Marathonbet uses its best endeavours to supply exact information, the company cannot be held responsible for any errors and/or omissions, human or palpable, which result in the incorrect displaying of prices, entering of results, listing of runners or event start times. Marathonbet reserves the right to correct any obvious errors whilst immediately informing the customer, subject to the following provisions:
    1. 1) If the bet is made prior to the commencement of the event, its winning price shall be changed to a revised and corrected one. If the revised and corrected price is under 1.001 (1/1000), then the bet is deemed voided.
    2. 2) If the bet is made after the commencement of the event, then it is voided irrespective of the outcome.
    3. 3) If the bet is made in Live, then it is voided irrespective of the outcome.
  4. Where the official 'Off' of a race or event is not announced, bets are accepted up to the displayed 'open until' time. If the 'open until' time is after the event has actually started, and the market is not a 'Live Betting' event, any selections may be made void if, at the time the bet was placed, the race or event was resolved or at a stage where the customer could have an indication of the outcome.
  5. In the event of there being a dispute regarding the time at which a bet was placed, the time at which it was recorded on our server will govern settlement.
  6. All bets will show on the Bet History page online and can be checked there at any time.
  7. We do not accept postal, facsimile, telex or text bets and if received will be void, win or lose.
  8. If your bet is outside the allowable limits the maximum stake per selection or bet is displayed onsite at the time of placing a bet.
  9. Marathonbet reserve the right to refuse all or any part of any bet without explanation.
  10. All odds displayed on site are for information only and subject to change at any time. The odds that apply to a particular bet will be those confirmed at the time of bet placement.
  11. All Latest Scores and/or Match Times displayed on a in- running market are for information purposes only. Whilst every effort is made to ensure their accuracy we can not be held responsible for any incorrect information displayed.
  12. Not all selections will be quoted for outright markets in some cases. You can email or call Customer Support to ask for any selection to be added to a market. However, for all settlement purposes, all selections will count whether they are displayed or not, unless the market specifically says that 'Only Quoted Selections Count'.
  13. Any returns will be credited back to that customer's account.
  14. No claims or disputes will be considered more than 4 weeks after the date the original bet was settled.
  15. All telephone calls to our Customer Support team are recorded on security tape in the interest of client confidentiality and to assist us in resolving queries and maintaining high standards of Customer Support. These recordings may be stored.

Last Modified Date: 16/03/2020