2.1. Advancebet

  1. Advancebet is a bonus feature which is available if you have unsettled bets on your account.
  2. Advancebet is not a credit facility.
  3. Advancebet provides you with the facility to place further bets when you have insufficient account balance, based on an evaluation of the potential outcome of your unsettled bets.
  4. If the Advancebet amount used to place bets is higher than the amount you subsequently receive from any bet settlement within 48 hours, Marathonbet will absorb all liability for that amount. This means that you will not have any obligation to pay back the remainder of the Advancebet stake you used to place bets.
  5. Your Advancebets can be viewed on the “My Account” next to the heading “Used Advance”.
  6. Any bets placed on any products offered by Marathonbet and settled within 48 hours after placing an Advancebet will be used to repay any outstanding Advancebet stake.
  7. If you make a deposit while you have unsettled Advancebets on your account, the deposited funds will go directly to your Available balance. New deposits are not used to pay back the Advancebet stakes.
  8. You can place Advancebets on the following events:
    • 1) Live events
    • 2) Events that are due to start within the next 48 hours.
  9. In order to place an Advancebet, you must have at least one unsettled bet placed on events which are due to start in the next 48 hours. Bets on Starting Prices (SP) will not be used to calculate the available Advancebet balance.
  10. You can also place additional Advancebets even if you have Advancebets currently in play.
  11. Marathonbet reserves the right to exclude customers from the Advancebet facility in addition to not accepting Advancebets on certain events.


You have the following unsettled bets on your account:

StakePricePotential Returns

Your Available balance: €50.

Marathonbet offers you an Advancebet balance of €150. You will thus be able to place bets up to the sum of €200 (€50 Available balance and €150 Advancebet balance)

You then place a bet for €180 (€50 from your Available balance, €130 from your Advancebet balance) on a selection(s) where the total price is 2.00

StakePricePotential Returns
€180 (€50 + €130 Advancebet balance)2.00€360

You then have the following on your account:

Available balance: €0

Unsettled bets: €730

Potential returns: €1220

Used Advancebet balance: €130

The facility can allow you to place a bet on the remainder of the available Advancebet balance, or recalculate the Advancebet balance.

Below are some of the possible scenarios which could occur:

  1. If all of your bets lose, and you have used €130 from your Advancebet balance, in accordance with point 4 of the Advancebet rules, Marathonbet will waive the debt for the outstanding Advancebet stake. You will not have any obligations to pay back the advanced sum. Your Available balance will be €0 providing you have not made any new deposits in accordance with point 7.
  2. If the first and the second bets win, while the others, including your Advancebet, lose, your Available balance will be:
    €175 + €200 - €130 (deduction of the Advancebet stake) = €245
  3. If all 4 bets placed before the Advancebet lose, and the Advancebet for €180 wins, your account balance will be:
    €180 * 2.00 - €130 (deduction of the Advancebet stake) = €230
  4. If all bets win, your account balance will be:
    €175 + €200 + €300 + €315 + €180 * 2.00 - €130 (deduction of the Advancebet stake) = €1220

Last Modified Date: 28/10/2020