14.1. General Rules

14.1.1. Live Games are games played in real time. Games include card games, lottery games, dice games and other.

14.1.2. Live Games are divided into two categories: scheduled games and games in a row. Scheduled games are held according to a schedule and within minutes of each other. Games in a row are held one after another without breaks but with a brief interval for presenter, card deck, etc., change.

14.1.3. Live Games outcomes are determined by card or dice combinations, sector of the wheel landed or numbers of the balls drawn from the draw machine.

14.1.4. To place a bet on a Live Game, you need to select one of the outcomes available, choose your stake and confirm placing your bet or buy a ticket to participate in the draw.

14.1.5. Bets can be placed before the Live Game has started and updated betting will be available during some of the games.

14.1.6. Bets are settled after the end of the Live Game, based on the outcomes and the bet settlement rules in place, as determined by the game provider.

14.1.7. Single bets and accumulator bets are available for Live Games. More information about the available bet types can be found within the games themselves.

14.1.8. Bet stake limits are determined individually for each game by Live Games provider.

14.1.9. You can view your previous bets at any time in your bet history, under the My Account section.

Last Modified Date: 14/05/2020