13.1. "Bingo" Betting Rules

  1. Bets on the "Bingo" lottery game are offered on opening slots with numbers from 1 to 90 in "Multiquiz 4". When a slot's number matches the number of a drawn ball, that slot will open.
  2. To place a bet the customer needs to buy a ticket with combinations of 5 numbers (line) by 15 numbers (house) and united numbers (set of selections) in one section. Every ticket consists of 6 sections.
  3. A "Bingo" bet is a unique combination of select numbers indicated in every section of a ticket. Winnings are paid for every correctly guessed combination and according to the set coefficients. The winning sum for a ticket is proportionate to its price.
  4. Where "5 numbers in a line match on the call up to 10" occurs on a ticket, the company increases the initial winning coefficient by the earlier announced fixed coefficient (Jackpot), which the company determines on its own.

    Where "House" occurs before the 31st call, the winnings are paid out on the 31st call with the corresponding coefficient.

    Below are winning coefficients depending on a call at which numbers are matched:


    5 numbers matched
    Call up to 10Call 11-15Call 16-20Call 21-25Call 26-30
    Winning coefficient200 + JP*402062


    15 numbers matched
    Call 31-50Call 51-55Call 56-60Call 61-65Call 66-70
    Winning coefficient100401442
  5. If a game participant wants to make several bets, it can be done conveniently by buying a pack of tickets. To do so a customer should choose the desired number of tickets of each value. In this case combinations of numbers on each ticket will be set randomly.
  6. Game participants confirm they are placing a bet by clicking the "Buy" button. If tickets have been purchased at the moment of time between two draws, these tickets participate in the next drawing. If the tickets have been purchased during the drawing, they participate in the draw game that will follow the current one.
  7. Game participants can watch a live broadcast of every draw on the company's site.

Last Modified Date: 25/01/18