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Toto 1X2 Rules General Toto Rules
  1. The Toto is a game in which players bet on match results or the final correct score. Before the start, the organizer collects all stakes, based on these rules, into one common pool. After all the matches have finished the Prize pool (part of the pool) is distributed between all winning players.
  2. Toto game is an individual Toto competition.
  3. Toto pool is the total amount of money contributed by players into the Toto game.
  4. Toto prize pool is the total amount of money available as player prizes for each Toto game (Toto pool minus margin).
  5. Winning category is a part of the Toto prize pool as defined in the rules.
  6. The Jackpot is an additional prize made up from prizes which were not won in previous Toto games. The company has the right to increase the Jackpot from its own contributions.
  7. A Toto player is an individual who has placed a bet in Toto pool under the Terms and Conditions of the Toto Rules. The player must be over 18 years of age.
  8. Bets on all Toto matches are placed on the full-time result, unless otherwise specified.
  9. Bets are accepted up until a Toto game starts. The start of the Toto game is the actual start time of the first match to commence. That said, this does not include void matches.
  10. A match is considered void in a Toto game:
    • if its result is not decided 2 hours before the start of the following Toto game;
    • if it started earlier than the closing time for bets of the current Toto game;
    • if it is invalidated according to the Marathonbet General Terms and Conditions.
  11. The more predictions that were successful, the more winning categories the player will receive a prize from.
  12. For convenience, you may place several bets on one bet slip, just mark more than one result at the same time, in one or several matches. Thereby the total number of bets and the amount required for the bet slip payment are correspondingly doubled, trebled etc.
  13. The total stake for a bet slip is distributed equally across all the bets on the slip. Winning bets are calculated proportionately to the stake of each bet.
  14. The composition of the Toto prize pool and Jackpot, and the subsequent prize distribution, are defined by the organiser for each Toto type.
  15. The Toto prize pool of any category is distributed between the winning bets strictly according to their stakes - the larger the stake, the larger the prizes. The same distribution applies to the Jackpot. The total bet prize depends on the amount of successfully predicted matches, the Toto prize pool size and the total number of winning bets.
  16. Different currencies, in accordance with the minimum stakes displayed, can be used in the Toto game. The minimum stakes available are fixed at the time a new Toto game begins and do not change whilst that Toto game is in progress. For convenience, bets for each Toto game made in various currencies are shown as a single currency, the euro (€) at the exchange rate of the European Central Bank (or, for unlisted currencies, at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation; or, for cryptocurrencies, at the rate of Bitlish exchange). These exchange rates are fixed at the time the new Toto game is announced.
  17. Statistics relating to bets already accepted are available to view on the website. Once bet acceptance is closed the total number of accepted bets, the Toto pool size and the full list of bets are published, which allows anyone to check the calculation of winnings.
  18. To calculate prizes in different currencies, uniform factors are used, which are calculated, based on the number of correct results, the Toto prize pool amount in Euro (€), the stakes of winning bets in each winning category and the size of the Jackpot.
  19. Winning in a higher category includes winning in all subsequent lower categories.
  20. Irrespective of the number of correct predictions, the organiser guarantees a payment factor of no less than 1.1 for winning bets.
  21. Where Toto Terms and Conditions differ from the General Terms and Conditions, the Toto Terms and Conditions will take precedence.